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Charity training


We are pleased to offer this unique new course for charities and community organisations.


Part I: Corporate partnerships


 Learn about Corporate Social Responsibility from an award-wining CSR consultant. Discuss ideas and tips on how to build impactful partnerships.


Part II: Online Networking


Overcome any networking anxieties by learning about common networking mistakes.

Being confident about connecting with others digitally is essential for furthering your cause!




If you want to build or improve charity-corporate relationships, this course is for you!

Course fees:


From £45 per person

E-mail to book

Group and individual courses are delivered via Zoom

A number of FREE training sessions for charity beneficiaries are available every month. For example, if your organisation supports young people preparing for the world of work,  we would be delighted to deliver a short free online session or provide them with free resources. 

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