'Networking Gone Wrong' is a project by Private Goodness Ltd

Company number: 11358592

27 Old Gloucester Street, London, United Kingdom, WC1N 3AX


All illustrations are by Jack Brougham


'Ethical Networking'

Corporate Training

Networking is an essential skill.

We expect that when our people are promoting our businesses, they are doing it well.

Experience shows that some (through little/no fault of their own) actually damage the business by saying all the wrong things.


Many others avoid networking altogether because they feel awkward and uncomfortable. 

This New Alternative Course covers:

  • Ethical networking basics

  • Tips on how to avoid offending people

  • Numerous real life stories

  • Online and offline Etiquette

  • Support to help people overcome any networking phobias.

Group in-house training starts from £450, with generous discounts for charities and start-ups. 

Email info@privategoodness.com to book your training today!