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Networking for Good

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Your network is your net-worth but more importantly, at this moment, your connections can give you an opportunity to be of help during the global crisis.

Here are our 5 top suggestions for networking for good:

1. Identify who you already have in your network, and who might be particularly vulnerable (both in terms of health and economically). Give them a call or send a quick email without an agenda. Make sure that your tone is one of solidarity, not pity or despair.

2. Promote your cause. For example, if you are volunteering to help your local hospital or are raising money for a mental health charity, share this information with your network – you might inspire them to help as well. You can find a list of over 20 remote volunteering opportunities here.

3. Share positive stories of how individuals and companies are helping through this crisis – we need some hope and optimism right now!

4. If they share their concerns or worries, offer a virtual helping hand. Something as simple as promoting their business on your social networks, or perhaps introducing them to someone who might assist them, can be very valuable right now.

5. Share your expertise. Now is the time to offer what we can and use our skills for maximum impact. Networking Gone Wrong offers free networking courses to people who are affected by the crisis. Just e-mail

We will write a separate post about virtual networking but in the meantime let’s identify who we already know, who we might be able to support or just cheer up!

We are in this together so let’s do what we can to help out!


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