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Networking Tip 1 - Use Positive Words

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Sometimes people feel down after networking and don’t want to return.

The fact that we use so many negative words doesn't help that.

We talk about the things that we hate, we talk about how dreadful the weather has been (if you are networking in England anyway), we repeat the terrible things we’ve heard on the news.

Let’s try to focus on things that are positive, what we are passionate about, the good news that we have heard – then not only we might feel a little more cheerful, others will also remember us for being good company. I say try because I know it's not easy!

Positive.News shared the following finding:

‘In their book Words Can Change Your Brain, neuroscientists Mark Robert Waldman and Dr Andrew Newberg argue that using negative language can activate our fear responses and increase levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. On the other hand, using positive words can boost our reasoning abilities.’

Cool, huh?

(Gif of Sponge Bob's arms making a rainbow and Squidward not looking impressed)

They also say:

'Using positive words to acknowledge when listening to someone else can mean the difference between a conversation having a good outcome or a bad one’

Using positive words is totally within our power, and we can make networking better for everyone.

Can’t think of anything positive to say? Start by making a list of people you admire (your friends, family, authors, celebrities, chefs) and why you admire them.

Kind people of Twitter pointed us to this amazing list of words from the Institute of Child Phycology. Our favourite is saying 'finding their own way' rather than rebellious and 'outspoken' rather than demanding.

Here's to spreading good vibes!


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