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Networking Tip 2 - Embrace Your Emotions

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Going networking and meeting new people can be scary. We might be in for an uncomfortable evening. However, we might also meet lovely interesting people who might become our friends or business partners, and we might be in for a lovely evening. It’s a risk worth taking. Antonia Macaro said:

‘If we try to protect ourselves from being hurt, we withdraw from potentially meaningful and enriching relationships.’

Still, there is nothing wrong with feeling nervous or uneasy before networking – it’s totally natural and most people feel the same way. If you feel *too enthusiastic*, that’s also fine. Your emotions are valid. You will excel at networking because of the way you are, because of your unique talents and personality. The way you feel about things is a part of you – embrace it.

If you are a little too nervous, or a little too enthusiastic (whatever that means), many people will relate and see you as a human being rather than a business card, and this ain’t a bad thing.

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